Keep your Company, Close Corporation,
and Trust Registers in the Cloud!

Simple, Secure and Affordable

R100 per Entity, per year, pricing or
special "Unlimited" annual Pricing - R6 995

Personal service is what really sets us apart...

Access your registers at the click of a button!

Company Registers also allows you to store all your minutes, resolutions and other documents online,
so you can easily find them when you need them again.

Always Online
Easy Access
Any Device

Free Backups

Printed Reports & Registers
Share Certificates

Use Company Registers for:

• Auditors, Company Secretaries, Public Officer
• Authorised Securities, Allotments, Transfers
• Securities Accounts
• Minutes / Resolutions / Documents / CIPC CoR Forms
• Directors
• Auditors, Accounting Officers, Public Officer
• Member’s interest, Allotments, Transfers
• Member’s Accounts
• Minutes / Resolutions / Documents / Forms
• Members
• Trustees
• Beneficiaries
• Auditors
• Public Officer
• Registered Office
• Minutes / Resolutions / Documents

Simple, Secure and Affordable

R100 per entity per year

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